Uber is giving its drivers more power to ignore ride requests by adding new features It is nothing new for the giant Uber to get into the limelight more often, lately the company has been in the limelight for various reasons. Now, Uber is adding some new features to its driver app as part of its “180 Days of Change” initiative. The company added new features to the app that allow drivers to discuss arrival times, choose travel preferences, add other preferred destinations and receive notifications if the trip takes 45 minutes or more. With this update, drivers can set their preferred destination in up to six locations. Previously, drivers could only set two preferred destinations per day, allowing most drivers to travel comfortably from home to home. Now, with this change, companies can add up to six preferred destinations. The ride preference feature allows the driver to switch to UberEats deliveries when the driver does not have many ride requests. Along with the most surprising authority Uber gives drivers is the ability to decline a ride if the trip takes 45 minutes or more. The driver will receive a notification asking if they want to decline the trip request because the trip may take 45 minutes or more. This isn’t the first time Uber has worked for drivers, as earlier in June the company also added tipping options for drivers. According to recent reports, Uber drivers have made $50 million in tips since the option was added. Uber has been working hard to wrap things up after top executives and former CEO Travis Kalanick retired. Things didn’t stop her company’s former engineer Susan Fowler from blaming the company’s culture and behavior, admitting she faced sexism and sexual harassment at work. The company is also facing a temporary ban in Singapore for violating guidelines issued by the national regulator. According to the data, Uber controlled 88 percent of the US market, which has now fallen to 77 percent. Recently, some researchers also revealed that UK and US managers removed the company’s price-cutting system to make a profit. The scandal shows how Uber drivers are taking the wrong way to earn money because they are not satisfied with the company’s system. After that, Uber began taking steps to convince drivers that the company didn’t care.