How to use the Hidden Game of Thrones Snapchat filter with The Secret Snap code Nothing is impossible on social media; you can connect with millions of people and create something that goes viral. What’s even more amazing is to make yourself one of your favorite characters in a TV series, HBO is doing something like that, the new season of Game of Thrones is only a few days away today and the entertainment channel is creating hype. HBO has launched a Game of Thrones Snapchat filter for fans to become one of the White Walkers. However, using the filter is not as easy as using others, but don’t worry, we will guide you on how to become a white walker. If you are confused and wondering, “How to get a Game of Thrones Snapchat filter?”, then continue reading this blog for more information. Steps to use Snapchat Hidden Game of Thrones filter with Snap code HBO has released a temporary Game of Thrones Snapchat filter on snapchat. You need a snap code to use the lens, and once it’s unlocked, you can use it for an hour. You can then use the filter to create your own white walker or use the front camera to kill a white walker with a dragon glass “dagger”. 1. First you need to get the code for the filter If you are wondering: “How to get Game of Thrones Snapchat filter?”, – This link is your answer. This is a link to the snapchats website with the code, if you are on your mobile click the link directly from here. If you’re on desktop, open Snapchat now and hold the camera with the code below. 2. Remove the code After the camera focuses on the scan code, capture it, and within 30 seconds, your smartphones will vibrate and a “New lens found” notification will appear. A Game of Thrones Snapchat filter will be added to your account. However, it also says that it is only available for 1 hour. HBO made it temporary for users so you can only enjoy it for 1 hour. 3. Stop using the Game of Thrones lens There are two ways to experience the horribly weird “Game of Thrones Snapchat filter” look, first with just the lens by taking a selfie that’s a selfie. In this case, hold the camera to take simple selfie videos and click on your face to activate the lens. When you open your mouth, a snow scene will appear and your eyes will be blue like white walkers. Well, the answer to the question, “How do I get a Game of Thrones Snapchat filter?” – Another way to use the Game of Thrones Snapchat filter lens is the front camera. Just point the camera at the space in front of you and a snowy landscape will appear with a white walker in the landscape.