Uber allows drivers to share their location with family and friends After a long search for the right candidate, Uber has finally chosen Dara Khosrowshahi as its new CEO. But the operating system isn’t the only one with changes at Uber, the ride-hailing service provider has signed up for constant updates to its app. After recently upgrading the ride rejection feature for drivers, Uber has added more features for drivers. On Monday, Uber began rolling out a new feature in its app that allows drivers to share their trip details with friends and family. With the addition of this feature, Uber provides a safer service for drivers who have to spend longer hours on the road. This feature comes with the “Share My Trip” option for drivers. There are situations where the processing of requests must take a long time for drivers and the driving time is a question for their safety. Now drivers can share their location along with ride details with stakeholders through the ‘Share My Trip’ feature which is also compatible with social accounts like WhatsApp. The rider-hailing giant first rolled out the feature in the 600 cities where Uber currently operates.