Siemens Collaborates on Seaglider Design, Deployment

Siemens collaborates on Seaglider design, deployment
The eco-glider reduces the time and cost of regional transport between coastal cities
Designed by REGENT to transport people and goods to and from coastal areas, the 12-passenger electric vehicle offers a cheaper and friendlier alternative to current transport options. Using the Siemens Xcelerator platform, REGENT took its design through a testing process and used the platform to create a high-quality digital twin to test the glider’s design and demonstrate its capabilities.

The car has three driving modes; it sails its hull close to the port, shortening (such as picking up a water ridge) up to 40 knots, or flying over the waves at 160 knots while sailing to its destination.
According to Siemens, companies are increasingly looking to digital twins to solve product development challenges. In the case of REGENT, the company was able to model and test the car’s aerodynamic and hydrodynamic design in all its driving modes using the digital twin platform. “As our naval gliders approach certification and full commercial production, we need a robust, modern digital tooling platform that supports the flow of our innovation cycles with the rigor to contain a product as complex as ours,” said Mike Klinker, technical director, and associate. founder of REGENT. “Cloud native solutions… reduce administrative overhead and allow us to focus 100% on design, engineering, manufacturing, and innovation.”

To date, REGENT has received US$7 billion in marine glider orders, with the new Siemens collaboration expected to help the company achieve technical milestones and expand its transportation solutions for wider deployment in the near future.

“The revolution in both mobility and electrification continues at an exciting pace … but it’s not often that the two come together … to address a specific challenge facing coastal communities around the world,” said Dale Tutt, vice president. the industrial strategy of Siemens. “REGENT is pioneering the new high-speed coastal transport, with a net-zero focus from the start. Our Xcelerator as a Service portfolio is essential to help them get there faster.