BMW Taps Quantum for Sensor Placement

Quantum company solves the complex optimization problem

BMW Taps Quantum for sensor position

BMW Taps Quantum for sensor position
Quantum business solves a complex optimization problem
The application was created as part of the BMW and Amazon Web Services 2021 Quantum Computing Challenge. The vehicle sensor placement problem challenges participants to find the best sensor placement in a given vehicle to provide the best coverage for autonomous driving at the lowest cost.

QCI used Entropy Quantum Computing technology to solve a problem involving more than 3,800 variables in six minutes. To put this in perspective, Noisy Intermediate Scale Quantum (NISQ) computers today can handle about 127 variables for a problem of the same complexity.

QCI has developed a sensor configuration that consists of 15 sensors and provides 96% vehicle coverage. “We are very proud to have reached what we believe to be an important milestone in quantum evolution,” said QCI CEO Bob Liscouski. “We believe

that it proves that new quantum computing technologies can solve real business problems today.

“More important is the complexity of the solved problem. This is not just a basic problem to show that quantum solutions can be possible in the future, it is a real and important problem, the solution of which can contribute to accelerating the realization of the autonomous car industry,” he added.

“The quantum computing technology landscape is just beginning to take shape,” said BMW Group Research Vice President Peter Lehnert. “By launching our Transform People initiative, we hope to gain more new power that cannot be achieved through a standard procurement process.”