Self-Driving Trucks Planned for China

Self-driving trucks planned for China
According to a statement released to announce the news, the JV will begin small-scale deliveries of the robotic carts later this year, with mass production in 2024, reaching annual production of 10,000 within a few years.

The development of electric trucks and the same trucks is planned. The first prototype is built on SANY’s new EV platform and was tested on the road.

Although fossil fuel trucks will follow, the companies say they aim to increase the share of what they call “new energy vehicles” as development progresses.

The prototype’s automated functions are provided by Pony’s Autonomous Driving Controller (ADC), which is built on Nvidia’s Drive Orin self-driving technology. The company announced in June that the ADC was ready for series production.

The name of the brand has not yet been announced, but the opportunity the project presents is clear. In 2021 alone, sales of heavy trucks in China will exceed 1.3 million units.

The partners say the joint venture will bring significant environmental benefits through the development of electric trucks that have the potential to reduce carbon emissions by more than one million tons by 2030.

“This collaboration between Sany and is a perfect collaboration between the ‘body’ of the truck and the ‘brain’ of the truck, making it possible to create more autonomous trucks at a high level,” said Liang. Linhe, chairman of Sana Heavy Truck. “This partnership will push autonomous trucks and logistics into the future and lead to a safer, more efficient and intelligent logistics system.”

Based in Fremont, California, Pony is becoming an increasingly influential player in China’s AV landscape.

Earlier this year, it became the first autonomous driving company in China to receive a taxi license, meaning it can start charging for rides in self-driving cabs in Guangzhou.