IoT Deals & Partnerships Roundup: Nokia, Accenture, and More

IoT Deals & Partnerships Roundup: Nokia, Accenture, and more
The latest IoT deals and partnerships
Accenture acquired Eclipse Automation and acquired its automation and robotics products in the transaction. Under the agreement, Accenture plans to bring digital tools, including artificial intelligence, data, and the cloud, to manufacturing facilities across industries to create smarter and more efficient environments. The deal also responds to market pressure for change, with global supply chains still feeling the strain from the pandemic and companies turning to digital solutions to ease the pressure.

Nordic Semiconductor acquires U.S. Microcontroller specialist Mobile Semiconductor
Nordic Semiconductor has announced that it has acquired the American company Mobile Semiconductor, a specialist in embedded memory technology for microcontrollers and systems on a chip. Mobile Semiconductor offers microcontrollers optimized for low-power operation of IoT hardware, which has been missing from the Nordic company’s services until now. Nokia works with the Robotics Center of Excellence
Nokia has partnered with the Indian Institute of Science to set up a Center of Excellence in Networked Robotics to be located in Bengaluru. In a joint statement, the groups said the center will support interdisciplinary research in robotics and advanced communications technologies in 5G and AI, and develop use cases for industrial automation, agriculture, and disaster management. The deal was launched in 2020 and the teams are working on the construction and equipment of the center in the meantime. For the first three years after its opening, Nokia was the only financial company.