Bootstrap 5.2.0 bolsters CSS, custom components

Bootstrap 5.2.0 improves CSS, custom components
A major upgrade to the popular web framework introduces CSS variables for all components and improves helpers and tools for fonts and colors.
With the latest planned upgrade of the Bootstrap web development framework, the creators offer CSS variables for all components along with new helpers and utilities.

Bootstrap v5.2.0-beta1, released on May 13, marks the biggest release of the framework since Bootstrap 5.0 two years ago. Components now more easily include theme and CSS variables for real-time customization. Color mode support will be added soon, starting with dark mode. The component pages have been updated to include a reference guide for the relevant CSS variables. Values ​​for most CSS variables are assigned via Sass variables; CSS and Sass customizations are supported.
Helpers and tools have been invested in version 5.2.0 to make changing user components easier. Two examples include:

Add new helpers .text-bg-{color}. Instead of installing individual .text-* and .bg-* handlers, developers can now use the .text-bg-* helpers to set a background color with a contrasting foreground color. Extension of font-weight handlers with .fw-semibold for semi-bold fonts.