Zoom Will Soon Expand End-to-End Encryption Feature to Phone, Breakout Rooms:

Zoom will soon extend end-to-end encryption to phones and separate rooms:
Zoom will soon extend end-to-end encryption (E2EE) functionality to Zoom Phone and Breakout Rooms. The company claims to help users achieve smooth and secure communication on the video conferencing platform. Additionally, users will soon have the option to upgrade to E2EE functionality during Zoom phone calls. This ensures that individual cells are secured with cryptographic keys that are only available to users making or receiving calls. As part of the expansion, each Breakout Room will also soon have its own encryption key. Video conferencing platform Zoom announced via its official blog that the company has expanded its E2EE functionality to Zoom Phone and Breakout Rooms. Zoom says the E2EE feature expansion will be live soon.

Zoom Phone, the company’s cloud-based phone system, will soon enable E2EE users during one-on-one conversations. This ensures that Zoom phone calls are secure and protected by cryptographic keys. Only users who make or receive a Zoom call on the phone have access to these cryptographic keys. E2EE status can be verified by sharing a security code with another user.

To enable the E2EE feature for Zoom Phone, there are some requirements that the company has highlighted. First, the account administrator must enable the E2EE feature through the Zoom web portal. Both callers must have the same Zoom account and can only make one-on-one Zoom calls on the phone. Both users must be using the Zoom Phone desktop or mobile client as PSTN is not supported. Finally, users should also turn off the automatic call recording feature.
Zoom Breakout Rooms is a useful feature when users want to create small groups for focused discussion. The company claims to have extended the E2EE feature to Breakout Rooms without compromising the experience. Soon, each Breakout Room on Zoom will have its own encryption key to ensure the security and privacy of participants.
The company also said: โ€œWhether it’s E2EE for Zoom phones and Breakout Rooms, our account theft protection tools or automatic updates, we’re committed to making security accessible to everyone. These are just a few easy-to-use tools you can use to protect your information while maintaining flexible and reliable zoom.