Senet and IotaComm Partner to Deliver Advanced Wireless Networks for Smart Infrastructure Sensors

Senet and IotaComm are partners that will deliver advanced wireless networks for smart infrastructure sensors
Senet, Inc. and Iota Communications, Inc. (“IotaComm”), a low-power wireless wide area network (LPWAN) communications and analytics software company, today announced a partnership to provide LoRaWAN® over 915 MHz of unlicensed spectrum and through IotaComm’s unique 800 MHz licensed spectrum network connection.
The first use cases will focus on Smart Building, Smart City, and Critical Infrastructure applications. Through this collaboration, and in addition to using the Senet platform for application and device management, IotaComm has also become a RAN (Senet Radio Access Network) operator and a participant in the Senet LPWAN Virtual Network (LVN™), increasing coverage on one of the fastest growing LoRaWAN networks in North America.

Through a combination of sensors, meters, and the Delphi360™ wireless connectivity and data analytics platform, IotaComm provides a comprehensive smart building and smart city solution used by building managers, industrial site managers, and urban planners. . safety and sustainability goals of their organizations and facilities. In addition, IotaComm uniquely integrates its FCC-licensed spectrum into the LoRaWAN standard to enable low-power, carrier-grade broadband connectivity for critical infrastructure applications such as smart metering and predictive maintenance.