Security That Helps Organizations Adapt To IoT With Confidence

A security that helps organizations adapt to IoT with confidence
Security systems are more advanced in some application areas because there are vulnerabilities in others. Regiment Innovations, a Bangalore-based startup, wants to change that, introducing security tools for CCTV cameras and unmanaged IoT devices that are often exposed to attacks. in cyber. In an interview with EFY, Divyanshu Verma, Co-Founder, and CEO of Redinent talked about IoT security, some great products, and more.
A: During the pandemic, most of our (co-founder) conversations were digital. We feel that the general safety, security, and privacy of our daily lives in the digital world is unclear. We use video conferencing apps but wonder how secure they really are – is our video encrypted or not? This is important because in these apps we talk about our lives, our families, and other things. There are no boundaries in the digital world – what if our videos fall into the wrong hands?

When we talk about digital privacy, we realize that our homes, offices, etc. are full of digital devices like web cameras, CCTV, Bluetooth devices, and more. We started watching them closely, especially the CCTV cameras. These cameras continue, they continue to record our lives.