Robotics Firm Funded for Green Building Automation

A robotics company funded to automate green buildings
The company was one of the first in North America to use robotics in the production of prefabricated mass lumber and the automation of the building design process. Thanks to its software, Intelligent City can run simulations to estimate the cost, carbon footprint and life cycle of the building and adjust each step of the process to improve these factors, while robotics is used to increase the stage when there is no construction yet.

The company is also replacing carbon-intensive materials like concrete and steel with sustainable alternatives that lock in carbon and add insulation to the material to save on heating or cooling systems. According to Intelligent City, its building design achieves a 90% reduction in carbon emissions from traditional construction methods.

“We are focused on innovation in an industry that is notoriously slow to change,” said Oliver Lang, CEO and co-founder of Intelligent City. “Using green building strategies and proprietary technologies to deliver affordable, mass-customizable urban living, we can help cities adapt more quickly as the needs of people and the planet evolve.”

The smart city currently has a pipeline of more than 2,300 homes and earlier this year received validation to work on high-rise wooden buildings in Canada and the US, with plans to expand to other markets in the future.

“Affordable, efficient and attractive housing is a scarce commodity in the world,” said Yuri Fulmer, founder and chairman of Fulmer & Company, one of the latest investors in Intelligent City. “As cities and developers rush to build more buildings on existing urban land, the Smart City has…