MNTD. by RAKwireless Launches World’s First Everything-in-One Helium 5G Hotspot

MNTD. on RAKwireless introduces the world’s first All-in-One Helium 5G Hotspot
MNTD. a cryptographic hardware company that provides consumers with easy-to-use cryptocurrency mining tools has introduced the industry’s first 5G Helium all-in-one hotspot.
Trading volume ‘MNTD. 5G Hotspot combines multiple solutions in one device, eliminating the need for complex setup and additional costs of purchasing and integrating multiple solutions from different vendors. The 5G device is designed to be future-proof and ready for use with future Helium networks such as WiFi6.
Hosted by MNTD. 5G hotspot, consumers help build 5G mobile coverage and are rewarded with cryptocurrency tokens. Now mints only $HNT. If HIP 51 is deployed, it will also mine $MOBILE and $IOT tokens. To keep the hardware simple and clean, the device uses a cable to power the hotspot and connect to the network. A built-in USB-C port provides consumers with flexible expansion options, such as connecting external radios.

Trading volume ‘MNTD. The 5G Hotspot is also powered by the Qualcomm FSM10056, a breakthrough 5G small cell CBRS chipset that was only released at the end of 2021. While most manufacturers now base their devices on the traditional x86 hardware platform, MNTD. moved its hardware to the ARM platform, which allowed it to consume less power and cut unnecessary costs. MNTD. is the first Helium network manufacturer to take this step.