Hyundai launches ccOS for its NVIDIA-powered connected cars

Hyundai has launched a new OS for its connected cars powered by NVIDIA’s powerful DRIVE platform.

Hyundai launches ccOS for connected cars powered by NVIDIA
Hyundai has launched a new operating system for connected cars powered by the powerful NVIDIA DRIVE platform.
The new operating system, ccOS, will be launched by the Hyundai Motor Group – including models of the Kia and Genesis sub-brands – and will be available in all vehicles from 2022.

ccOS was developed internally by Hyundai in technical cooperation with NVIDIA. The company says all future vehicles “from entry-level to premium” will feature DRIVE-powered infotainment systems as standard.

Harnessing the power of DRIVE, ccOS will provide customers with a “constantly improved in-car AI user experience.” The latest version of DRIVE, AGX Orin, provides 200 TOP performance and is designed to manage multiple applications and DNNs running simultaneously in autonomous vehicles. Hyundai has not yet announced what hardware all future cars will run on.

“At Hyundai Motor Group, we are committed to providing greater value, safety, functionality, and enjoyment throughout the life of a vehicle,” said Paul Choo, Senior Vice President of Electronics Tech Unit Hyundai Motor Group.

“The NVIDIA DRIVE platform is proven—it’s scalable, energy-efficient, and has the power to support our next generation of software-defined vehicles.”

The automotive giant revealed that ccOS will use NVIDIA software frameworks to achieve four goals:

“High-Performance Computing” with NVIDIA GPUs to process large amounts of data inside and outside vehicles and optimize system performance to support advanced IT technologies such as deep learning.
“Seamless Computing” provides continuous services regardless of the vehicle’s online or offline status. The car connects to the surrounding infrastructure and smart devices to bring the user experience of external devices into the car environment.
‘Intelligent computing’, provides intelligent customized services by accurately identifying the driver’s intentions and conditions.
A “secure computer” that protects the system by controlling internal and external networks and isolates data related to vehicle security.
“NVIDIA brought consumer electronics functionality and a graphically rich user interface to infotainment more than a decade ago,” said Ali Kani, vice president of autonomous vehicles at NVIDIA.

“Now we’re reinventing these systems with the power of artificial intelligence, helping Hyundai Motor Group increase safety and value while improving customer satisfaction throughout the vehicle’s lifetime.”

Hyundai says it will reveal more specific details about ccOS capabilities with future vehicle-specific announcements.