One of the solutions uses computer vision to rapidly perform quality checks with over 99 percent accuracy. The solution is said to be at least 10 percent more accurate than a visual inspection performed by humans—delivering fewer false positive and false negative results.

Another solution aims to boost security and safety beyond traditional CCTV systems with an AI-powered alternative. The solution can automatically trigger an alarm if it detects an anomaly on the factory floor, identify unauthorized individuals, safety violations, and/or if a worker isn’t where they should be.

The final solution currently deployed helps to coordinate a large number of assets on a production line including people, machines, and materials. This is achieved through a combination of high-definition cameras, 5G gateways, and smart industrial terminals that work in tandem with AI assistance.

Going forward, the partners intend to further improve the solutions with “digital twin” visualizations that reproduce parts of the real factory in a virtual world to provide deeper insights.

The solutions are currently active in seven of Haier’s factories in China. The manufacturing giant is expected to transform around 100 of its global facilities within five years.