Gmail is changing the look of its interface: what you need to know Alphabet Inc’s Google has rolled out a set of design changes to its Gmail interface. This includes the Material You design that the tech giant announced earlier this year. The redesigned design includes a sidebar on the left side of the Gmail interface that allows users to easily switch between Chat, Spaces, Email, and Meetings. Users can also receive bubble notifications for the latest news from chat and space. These notifications appear in the lower left corner of the user interface. Currently, users have the option to switch to the old Gmail layout. The updated version of Gmail’s layout design has a new integrated layout for the platform that was announced in January this year. By manually navigating to the sidebar, users can also show or hide Gmail menus. In the new layout, users can also access individual or group chat messages from the chat box. To access it, Gmail support explains the steps as follows: “To open a conversation in a small pop-up window at the bottom of the screen, go to the top of any conversation or next to a message in a conversation in the sidebar, and in the pop-up window, click Open. The window will remain visible when you switch to other tabs, such as Mail or Spaces.” However, Google has mentioned earlier that users should move to the new version of Gmail’s restructured interface, but users have the option to choose the previous interface. To opt out of the new view, Gmail support provided steps like “At the top right of Settings. In “Quick Settings”, click Back to original Gmail view. In the new window, click Restore. Meanwhile, Google also changed the Google Play Store logo to mark the 10th anniversary of the Google Play Store. As a gift to loyal users, the tech giant offers Play Points and Play Credits for purchasing apps. Users need to activate reward points to get better deals on their purchases. The announcement of the awards came three days later, after the search engine celebrated its 10th anniversary in the Google Play Store.