Game developer criticizes NFTs at an event sponsored by blockchain firms

A game developer criticized NFTs in an event sponsored by blockchain companies
A game developer surprised attendees of an event sponsored by blockchain companies by criticizing NFTs.

NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) has become one of the most expensive use cases in the blockchain industry. Technology is primarily associated with artistic projects; with buyers able to prove their ownership through immutable blockchain records.

In fact, NFT’s most famous project is Bored Ape Yacht Club – which was recently featured in an Eminem and Snoop Dogg music video. However, NFTs are starting to expand into other areas with more uses.

More utilitarian NFTs take the form of early access to new platforms or even access to VIP areas in places like restaurants. In the long term, there is even potential for NFT to modernize things like earthworks.

NFTs are actively researched in the gaming industry. Gaming titans such as Ubisoft, EA, Square Enix, Konami and others have shown interest in the technology.

During this year’s BIG Festival in Brazil, Mark Venturelli – best known for developing Chroma Squad – delivered his verdict.

Venturelli spoke in a segment titled “The Future of Game Design” and began by talking about new trends in gaming. However, later in the presentation he wrote the title and called it “Why NFTs are a Nightmare”.

The event, it’s worth noting, is sponsored by blockchain and NFT companies including Ripio and Lakea.

“I heard the sponsors were upset,” Venturelli told PCGamer. โ€œThey tried to make a speech when I was speaking, but the organization wouldn’t let them.

Venturelli gave high praise to the event’s organizers for allowing his speech to go ahead despite the possibility of angering their sponsors.

โ€œThe organization, not at one point censored me, but prevented me from putting what I wanted on the slides. I gave them access to the interview slides. There was never any intention on her part to silence me or anything like that. ”

A full video of Venturelli’s presentation is available on YouTube, but he has two main criticisms of NFTs: the play-to-earn gaming model and the broader social implications of a lack of trust.

As for the game for money, Venturelli claims that “everything that can be played for money… has been around for over a decade in other games (but more effectively)”.

Blockchain, decentralization, and the whole idea of โ€‹โ€‹the web3 is about taking power away from big tech companies and authoritarian governments. However, Venturelli believes that blockchain technology is sowing mistrust in society instead of trust. “If I live in a house with you and we don’t trust each other, then every time I leave my house I have to hide my things. I have to take inventory of the things I own and maybe cameras or locks.” When I get home, I have to check everything and see if you guys did anything wrong and make sure you’re not coming into my room when I’m sleeping and stuff,โ€ Venturelli said.

“It’s a lot of energy that I have to use to exist in a room with you because I don’t trust you. I think that’s a very good metaphor for how blockchain computes and what the underlying philosophical idea is.” behind that, which is: ‘We want a world without any centralized authority because we can’t trust any of them.’ And that, in my opinion, is the opposite of what we want as a society.”