For blockchain companies, interventional innovation is a must
The steady stream of disturbing news from the crypto world over the past few weeks is enough to make even the staunchest Web 3 supporter take a step back and reassess their position.

With Bitcoin falling to an 18-month low and showing no signs of stopping anytime soon, crypto lenders like Celsius are halting transactions to limit volatility. has changed dramatically since a few months ago when products and technologies like NFT and metaverse are on everyone’s mind.
This adds to the global headwinds that have created the perfect storm we see in the crypto industry today. In fact, with 40 years of high inflation in the US pushing the Fed to raise interest rates, daily goods are more expensive due to high oil prices, the uncertainty of the war in Ukraine, and the threat of Covid-19 and possible monkeypox that t omlizze. Around the corner, things decided to get worse as investors started piling on risky assets…
While it looks bleak, I strongly believe that it is the right time to go back to the drawing board and work on products and services that have the potential to disrupt the crypto industry and when things get worse in the near future. months they stabilize. NFT
See the NFT space for example. While things are good for digital artists, there is potential to come up with many exciting new ways to engage audiences when it comes to new technologies for property ownership.
I believe that we do not yet fully understand how we can incorporate pop culture into the realm of NFT. Popular games, movies, and music are low-hanging fruit that can be used to create interesting NFTs with cross-collaboration between artists, studios, and game companies. This can be an additional incentive to ensure that their value increases during their holding period, creating value for everyone in the chain. Metaverse
The Metaverse still creates different images of different people. No one is sure what it will do, which gives meta-companies an extra incentive to make it one of the most innovative technologies the world has seen.
The metaverse itself is a vast realm in which the number of apps, avatars, and audience engagement channels can vary to suit a large subset of the population. Whether it’s a fashion competition streamed in 3D effects, virtual tree planting for the eco-minded, or running into a premium liquor store in digital land, the possibilities are endless.
But all these ideas will only work if we take the initiative and create them now. As most organizations freeze sales and marketing budgets in this uncertain quarter, an equal amount of money and time can be devoted to researching and optimizing future technologies to create memorable collections.
This may be easier said than done, but it’s probably the best way to look at the current failure. All indicators point differently to eventual recovery and prosperous crypto space in the coming months and years.
How we use this temporary blip will determine what else we can gain in the crypto industry when the sun begins to shine after the current winter season.