Delivering the Wearable WOW Factor

Brings the Wearable WOW factor
Consisting of an array of advanced biometric sensors, wearable technology is currently taking the next step from activity trackers to holistic whole-body monitoring devices. For these healthcare partners, sensor accuracy is very important. As manufacturers strive to provide consumers with more and more actionable health data and fitness tracking, there is a strong trend to improve sensor accuracy and provide entirely new vital signs sensors. Advanced health monitoring of blood pressure, body temperature, blood glucose and other complex vital signs is seen as a necessity due to the increasing interest of consumers in personal health care. However, collected health data must also be kept private and handled with care, so data security and privacy are important aspects to consider. Design challenges for wearable devices
Today’s wearable device designers face many challenges; In addition to an ultra-compact shape, smart bracelets, watches and other wearable designs must allow for ease of use and intuitive visualization. Other success factors include high-bandwidth connectivity, measurement accuracy, long operational life, low power consumption and durability. As wearables and medical devices record the user’s movements in changing environments, components must be designed to operate robustly under a variety of conditions while ensuring accurate and stable pressure and motion measurements at all times. Wearable devices should also include strong security so users don’t have to worry about personal or confidential data falling into the wrong hands.

As a comprehensive semiconductor supplier, Infineon offers a range of microelectronics products, including the sensing, computing, memory, power and connectivity building blocks needed to create safe and reliable wrist wearable devices. and other consumables.