Best Buy Opens its First Ever Digital-First Store

The new shopping model responds to increased consumer demand for a contactless, streamlined shopping experience

Best Buy Opens First Digital-First Store
The new shopping model responds to the growing consumer demand for a contactless and hassle-free shopping
Best Buy has opened its first digital trial store in Monroe, North Carolina. The small 5,000-square-foot store (less than 15% the size of a typical Best Buy store) offers customers a variety of technology products to try out in-store, including wearables, smart home devices, and computing devices.

Similar to Apple Stores, customers can try purchasing items directly from the floor and also interact with the “Geek Squad” for any questions or issues. However, Best Buy’s goal is to digitize this entire process and encourage visitors to shop, talk to experts, and view items using the Best Buy app. Products on display have QR codes that customers can scan, with salespeople taking them to the right customer to try on. There’s also live store support with experts on hand through Best Buy’s virtual store, reachable via voice or video call.

Larger item lockers are located outside the store for customers who prefer contactless pickup of larger, online orders, while a 7-foot-tall screen greets customers as they enter the store to provide information about the store’s offerings.