Astrocast provides Soracom customers with access to a global IoT satellite connection Astrocast, a leading global IoT nanosatellite network operator, and Soracom, a global provider of advanced IoT connectivity, today announced a partnership to deploy the Astrocast Satellite IoT (SatIoT) solution on the Soracom platform. This collaboration enables Soracom to offer integrated IoT connectivity options that include satellite and cellular connectivity to integrators and end customers. With 85% of the world having zero mobile coverage, Astrocast’s SatIoT solution will provide an important component to Soracom’s 20,000+ customers worldwide; with devices in places where mobile coverage does not reach. Organizations can access Astrocast SatIoT by subscribing to the Soracom platform and benefit from seamless and secure integration with an optional cloud service. They will only be able to use the Soracom or SatIoT connectivity options. Astrocast’s cost-effective global SatIoT enables Soracom customers to get more value from their IoT investments. A variety of organizations and use cases โ€“ of all sizes and types โ€“ will benefit from SatIoT connectivity. This range includes smart farming, preventive maintenance and asset tracking. Requirements for satellite IoT solutions When Soracom was looking for a satellite IoT provider, several factors were important. In particular, this includes the global coverage, the cost model, the energy efficiency of the devices that will connect to the SatIoT network, and most importantly the ease of operation of the Astrocast SatIoT platform and its integration into the Soracom solution. . Global coverage: From truly remote locations to objects in transit, SatIoT must provide global connectivity to complement existing cellular network capabilities. Affordability: IoT operations are extremely cost sensitive. Whether a company is looking to deploy tens of devices or hundreds of thousands of devices, small differences in price, performance, and lifetime will make a big difference in return on investment (ROI). Power consumption: The efficiency of power consumption has a direct impact on the battery life of the device. For devices that are often located in remote and inaccessible locations, it is important to maximize battery life, as replacements or repairs are often impractical and unaffordable. A low-power SatIoT solution can extend the life of the device โ€“ batteries typically last five to ten years. Two-way communication: Two-way communication is essential to support new IoT applications and enables changes in the way devices operate. For example, the company can send a short message to change the operating parameters of the device – reducing the number of hours a day for which the temperature record is taken from one hour to just twice a day, reducing energy consumption and increasing battery capacity. life. . Effective integration: Ensuring the commercial viability of SatIoT on the Soracom platform requires seamless integration that ensures organizations can transparently access IoT data regardless of the underlying network. Astrocast’s proven API enables rapid interface development, enabling Soracom to add SatIoT connectivity for its customers. The Astrocast Satellite IoT solution is built into the Soracom platform. Kenta Yasukawa, CTO of Soracom, says: “This is just the beginning of our journey with Astrocast. The power of IoT to transform operations is undeniable. What has been achieved so far is compelling; but there is much more that can be done together.” “With an accessible and affordable IoT platform, Soracom’s addition of Astrocast SatIoT will revolutionize the ease with which integrators and businesses of all sizes can explore the power of SatIoT.” โ€œWe want to work with Astrocast and our clients to accelerate innovation by bringing together our combined depth of IoT insight and knowledge; with the expertise of individuals in the field developing and deploying IoT for the integrators and customers we work with. the way we can ensure the most effective deployment of IoT,” explained Kenta Yasukawa. Fabien Jordan, CEO and co-founder of Astrocast, says: โ€œWith 83% of organizations claiming to have improved efficiency by implementing IoT technology, it’s no surprise that IoT solutions have the potential to generate $4-11 trillion in economic value by 2025. Soracom has expanded its global reach with satellite connectivity. “There is significant demand across many industries to deploy IoT across the 85% of the world that currently has zero mobile coverage. The availability of cost-effective, low-power, bi-directional satellite technology offers new opportunities for a variety of organizations and uses.” The availability of Soracom’s IoT satellite platform will give many integrators and organizations the opportunity to explore and develop a new dimension to their IoT platform,” explained Fabien Jordan.