What is a graphic designer?

Are you looking for a creative career in visual design that involves collaborating with other creatives or directly with clients? You may want to consider a career as a graphic designer!

Graphic designers are visual communicators who create concepts by hand or with the help of specialized graphic design software. They communicate ideas to inspire, inform, or engage consumers through physical and virtual art forms that contain images, words, or graphics. Through constant communication with clients, clients and other designers, they ensure that their designs accurately convey the desired message and disclose information effectively.

What does a graphic designer do?
Graphic designers combine art and technology to communicate ideas and use different design elements to create artistic or decorative effects. You develop the overall layout and production design for advertisements, brochures, magazines, and company reports. This usually begins by creating rough illustrations of design ideas, either through hand sketches or using a computer program.

The ultimate goal of graphic designers is to make the company that employs them recognizable and visible. Using text, images and various media, they convey a certain idea or identity that can be used in advertising and promotion. Media can include fonts, sizes, shapes, colors, print designs, photography, animation, logos, and billboards.

Graphic designers often collaborate on projects with other graphic designers, digital marketers, multimedia animators, programmers, art directors, and web designers. When using text in a layout, they work closely with the copywriter to write the words and decide whether to place the words in headings, paragraphs, lists, or tables.

Graphic Designer responsibilities include:

Meet with client or art director to define project scope
Inform clients about strategies to reach specific audiences
Define the message you want to convey from the design
Create an image that identifies a product or conveys a message
Develop visual or audio graphics and images for product illustrations, logos and websites
Create designs by hand or using a computer software package
Choose colors, images, text styles and layouts
Present designs to clients or art director
Include customer recommended changes in final design
Review design errors before printing or publishing
Where can graphic design take you? There are many avenues you can search such as:

Creative Director – Lead a creative team that creates visualizations for product branding, advertising campaigns and more.
Art Director – Manages and coordinates between production artists and illustrators to ensure projects are completed on time and to client satisfaction.
Art Production Manager – Manages the production aspects of producing and creating works of art with a focus on increasing efficiency and reducing costs.
Packaging Designer – Create and design packaging for marketing and/or products in terms of physical design and construction.
Brand Identity Developer – Develop brand identity for various organizations.
Visual Image Developer – Create drawings and designs through 3D modeling, photography, and image editing.
Photojournalist – Among other things, you create information graphics, which are called infographics. This can be a print or digital application.
Broadcast Designer – Creates visual designs and electronic media for use in television productions.
Logo Designer – Create a visual expression of the organization’s key message or values. This is also an important aspect of brand identity – although in identity design you carry your logo and design identity to all brand material.
Interface Designer – Develops graphical user interfaces and typically works for web development companies.
Web Designer – Create graphics, layouts, and pages for websites.
Multimedia Developer – Apply graphic design skills to sound and/or motion.
Content Developer – Create written, graphic, video, audio or other multimedia content depending on the resume.

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