5 million apps analyzed contain privacy data.
5 million apps analyzed contain privacy data.

The latest App Store security report says many apps in Apple’s App Store lack privacy details. After analyzing 5 million apps, the report says they found no privacy details in 10% of apps.

Only 10% of the 5 million apps analyzed contain privacy data.

The report was published by Pixalate, a fraud protection company. The company evaluated 5 million apps from the Google and Apple stores. Their findings show that 10% of apps considered “active” in 1Q22 have no privacy policies. The report found that a total of 787,000 apps were missing data. This represents 13% of all apps in the iOS App Store. While the numbers look good, the company seems to have forgotten something. As a reminder, Apple requires app developers to submit a privacy policy when they release updates to their apps. This means that if the apps have not received updates since the new privacy transparency policy went into effect, there will be no privacy data in the apps. Developers have not updated their apps since the new policy
At the end of April, Apple notified app developers that it would begin removing apps that hadn’t been updated in the last three years for 30 days. its politics. This means it’s safe to say that app developers may not have updated their apps, so Pixalate couldn’t find any privacy data for apps during its analysis.

Pixalate findings
The report revealed some interesting key findings. For example, the report found that 98% of apps that don’t have privacy policies also lack terms of service. Alarmingly, 7% of apps with unknown privacy policies are accidentally targeted at children. Another interesting finding shows that more than 100,000 non-personally identifiable applications have access to end-user personal information.