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Web Application Testing

Web Application Testing

Pentoz provides testing for mobile web apps developers, designers, and marketers to evaluate a website’s mobile readiness using industry best practices and standards. Access is instantaneous, and so are demands for updates. No matter what time zones you release daily updates on, we can provide access to the right web application testing team and get you results on the schedule your customers demand.

Website Testing Company

Pentoz provides a range of testing services on web applications & websites with the support of our years of web application development expertise and software testing services experience. Web application testing involves the testing of web-based systems or applications before they go live. The testing concerns various critical parameters such as security, functionality, stability, usability, etc.

Web Application Testing Company

A website is the face of the business that not only helps to establish identity but also exhibits every vital information. Our Web Application Testing Service expertise includes Automation Testing, Functional Testing, Load Testing, Regression Testing, etc.

Web Application Testing

Web Testing in simple terms is checking your web application for potential bugs before it's made life or before the code is moved into the production environment. By web application testing, any organization can be sure that the web application will work perfectly and will be easily accepted by the end-users. The web application testing techniques also check the web application’s browser compatibility; load testing, scalability testing, stress testing, and resolution testing

Web Page Test

Webpagetest is a fantastic free tool that can help you identify why your website is slow and help you fine-tune your website to be as fast as possible. It offers a variety of options to help you understand where you have bottlenecks in your speed and what visitors are experiencing on their first visit as well as repeat visits.

Automation Testing

Automated testing or test automation is a method in software testing that makes use of special software tools to control the execution of tests and then compares actual test results with predicted or expected results. All of this is done automatically with little or no intervention from the test engineer. Automation is used to add additional testing that may be too difficult to perform manually.

Website Testing Tools

Here are some important tools used to test the performance, load, and stress of the web application. These tools ensure that your web application will run under high performance and less load & stress.

  • WebLOAD
  • Apache JMeter
  • NeoLoad
  • LoadRunner
  • LoadUI
  • Loadster
  • Load impact
  • Wapt
  • Quest
  • Telerik test studio