Wayve partners with Microsoft to scale AI for autonomous vehicles

Wayve is working with Microsoft to scale AI for autonomous vehicles London-based Wayve has partnered with Microsoft to gain access to the supercomputing infrastructure it needs to scale its artificial intelligence models for autonomous vehicles. Wayve and Microsoft already have a close relationship. Microsoft participated in Wayve’s $200 million Series B investment round, and Wayze began using Azure in 2020 after its compute requirements outgrew its own 12-hard drive RAID array and the SSD-based cache server it replaced. Alex Kendall, CEO of Wayve, said: “We are honored to partner with Microsoft to design the supercomputing infrastructure needed to facilitate deep learning for autonomous mobility. Deep learning systems thrive on data, and we put a lot of effort into understanding what it takes to bring these systems to market. We are excited about the opportunities this collaboration will create as we take deep learning to the next level. While current self-driving systems require expensive hardware, HD mapping and complex localization systems, Wayze’s approach claims they can apply their self-driving intelligence to places that don’t. This was demonstrated last year when Wayve deployed its autonomous driving system in five new cities in the UK. The system was able to navigate cities safely using the same driving skills it learned in London; without the need for city-specific modifications