Verizon and Meta partner up to unlock the metaverse’s potential

Verizon and Meta partners to unlock the potential of the Meta version
5G will be key to enabling the metaverse of experiences everywhere, while edge computing will help ensure they meet expectations with lower latency and higher fidelity.

“In the next decade, the metaverse will enable immersive, interconnected and interoperable digital spaces that will help people connect in ways not possible before. These metaverses will be delivered on all screens, at home, at work and on the go.” Verizon wrote in a message.

Verizon announced this week that it plans to provide 5G Ultra Wideband (UWB) coverage to 175 million people by the end of 2022. 5G UWB is often considered “real 5G” because it’s the kind of massive that brings speed and latency improvements. The 4G that consumers expect – achieved through the use of mmWave high-bandwidth ultra-wide spectrum. While average 4G speeds are ~30-35Mbps, 5G UWB offers peak download speeds of 4+ Gbps and upload speeds of 200+ Mbps. On the other hand, the latency is so low that it allows applications such as game streaming without the frustrating lags associated with 4G gaming.

Verizon and Meta believe that 5G UWB will be critical to creating great experiences in the Meta universe.

“That’s why Verizon unveiled the first strategic partnership with Meta to combine Verizon’s 5G ultra-broadband network and computing capabilities with Meta technologies to understand the fundamental application requirements in the metaverse,” Verizon explained.

“The collaboration will explore how Verizon’s mobile edge computing infrastructure can deliver powerful XR cloud rendering and low-latency streaming, which are core features needed for metaverse applications.”

Verizon and Meta say they are also exploring different metaverse opportunities that include not only the consumer experience, but how they can play a role in the future of hybrid work and collaboration. “This [partnership] is about understanding the fundamental requirements of the metaverse and its applications,” said Rima Quershi, Verizon’s Chief Strategy Officer, during the company’s analyst day in New York.

“Our collaboration with Meta will explore how Verizon’s MEC infrastructure can deliver powerful cloud-based XR rendering and low-latency streaming.”