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Software Solutions

App Porting Services

App Porting Services, Software Porting from Orbital Technologies – Windows, Mac, UNIX/Linux Porting. The objective of application porting is to create an application on a target platform that behaves like the original version, Application Porting Services thereby making the application available to an expanded market.

Android Porting

Android gives you the freedom to implement your own device specifications and drivers. The hardware abstraction layer (HAL) provides a standard method for creating software hooks between the Android platform stack and your hardware. The Android operating system is also open-source, so you can contribute your own interfaces and enhancements.

Before porting Android to your hardware, take a moment to understand the Android system architecture. Because your drivers and the HAL interact with Android, knowing its structure can help you navigate the many layers of code in the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) source tree.

Mobile Application Porting

If you are like one of many mobile application producers, you face a major dilemma as to which platforms to support. The decision is not easy and it may have to be driven by business and commercial factors. But those are commercial decisions and have nothing to do with technical difficulties in porting applications across mobile platforms. In this paper, we talk about some of the reasons why people will like to port applications from PC to mobile platform, and from one mobile platform to another. Application Porting Services We also provide some ground rules that can help developers write software that is easy to port across platforms and hence will cut down the development cost.

Advanced Mobile Application Porting

iOS has a different OS specification, our mobile app developer’s port Android apps to iOS without compromising design, features, and UI/UX elements. By identifying supported OS, devices, and resolution, we should plan porting Android to iOS considering advanced functionalities, higher processing speed, and Human Interface Guidelines used for iOS development.

Mobile Application Porting Services

Pentoz Technology creates significant efficiency in porting an application from any of the source platforms to the target platforms through standardization and reuse of code elements. Porting of Mobile Applications needs to be applied depending on platform, device, and User interface.

Porting App to iOS & Android

Porting iOS to Android requires a significant amount of redesign. There is a stark difference between the design philosophy of iOS and Android ecosystems. You will want to retain the same content, structure, and graphics but must build from the ground up for Android.

Porting Android app to iOS app is not a one-click action but possible outcomes definitely worth it. For this purpose, you need to develop the second app separately or initially write it using the cross-platform framework.

Porting enterprise React app

React is a user interface framework developed by Facebook. It has a quickly growing developer adoption rate and was ranked as the most loved language or technology.