Smart Manufacturing Trends 2022

Trends in smart manufacturing 2022
Manufacturing has changed a lot over the last century. With new, advanced technologies moving the industry forward, manufacturing is clearly going the way of information and automation. Technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning, sensors and IoT, etc. are changing the way the manufacturing industry works. With all of these changes, it’s important to understand the trends that are driving the industry forward so that our businesses can adapt and grow.
Smart manufacturing: The pursuit of perfection
In all industries, the most efficient solution is often the best choice. The same goes for manufacturing. The new technologies that drive the industry of the future are rooted in ideal solutions. What is the perfect solution for manufacturing a certain product in a factory? How close can we get to this ideal?

The idea of ​​smart manufacturing is a fully automated factory with an AI-optimized layout. Human intervention leaves room for human error, so it should be minimized as much as possible. These types of factories are theoretically safer because human workers are not at risk of short-term or long-term injuries.

This ideal is not yet fully possible, but many manufacturing technologies in 2022 are close to achieving this goal. According to Fortune Business Insights, the global smart manufacturing market size is USD 249.56 billion in 2021 and is projected to grow to USD 277.81 billion by 2022. the nuances of these technologies to maintain a competitive business.