Siemens Collaborates on Seaglider Design, Deployment

The eco-friendly glider can reduce the time and cost of regional transportation between coastal cities

Siemens’ digital twin-creation platform, Xcelerator, has been selected to test and accelerate the design and deployment of a novel, zero-emissions sea glider.

The 12-passenger electric vehicle was designed by REGENT to ferry people and goods to and from coastal locations, offering a cheaper and more environmentally friendly alternative to current transport options. Using the Siemens Xcelerator platform, REGENT has brought its design through the testing process, harnessing the platform to create a high-quality digital twin to trial the glider’s design and demonstrate its capabilities.

The vehicle has three methods of travel; floating on its hull near the dock, foiling (similar to skimming the water’s crest) at up to 40 knots, or flying above the waves at 160 knots while cruising to its destination.