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Real Time Mobile Apps

Real-Time Mobile App Development

Real-Time Mobile App Development Static Mobile Apps are Yesterday, Real-time Mobile is Today. A byproduct of the explosion of mobile apps is a user’s increased expectation for real-time operational tempo, the requirement of data and information to be delivered in as it happens, or as it’s created.

There are a number of ways to push real-time data to a mobile app:

  • Push Notifications.
  • WebSockets.
  • HTTP Streaming, Long Polling or simple polling (with the latter two not strictly push)
  • Direct TCP/IP connection.
  • WebRTC for peer-to-peer messaging.

Real-Time Mobile App Development Services

Pentoz is a one-stop mobile app development company with successful projects under its belt. We create mobile apps of any complexity and size. Our mobile development team includes senior-level business analysts, UX experts, and engineers who are well-versed in building both native and cross-platform apps that users need and want. From ideation to publishing — we have you covered all the way.

Real-time Mobile App Development

Any mobile apps that can facilitate real-time access and sharing of information are real-time mobile apps. In that respect, typical apps for chat, messaging, video conferencing and real-time file-sharing can be considered in this category. Cloud apps that enable real-time sharing and data access on a variety of remote devices and platforms are great examples of real-time mobile apps. From real-time file sharing apps to cloud apps to real-time messaging and communications apps to real-time collaborative gaming apps, you can name an array of diverse apps from various niches that have ‘real time’ elements as their core value.

Real-Time Mobile App Development Solution

Pentoz keeps sites and study teams informed with the latest, regulatory-approved protocols, prescreening and site-polling features, evaluation and training tools, and patient materials, without complexity and cost associated with outdated processes. What’s more, its app data streams make it easy for sponsors to see how sites are performing, which sites might need improved engagement and/or additional materials, and alerts to issues like low pre-screening numbers – proactively addressing problems before they can have a major impact on the study as a whole.

Real-Time Mobile App Personalization

Mobile apps have become a vital means of engaging and interacting with increasingly mobile audiences. In fact, for many companies, their mobile app users represent their most loyal customers. As a true multi-channel, real-time personalization platform, pentoz tracks user behavior and empowers marketers to deliver 1:1 experiences inside the app and across other channels (e.g., website, web app, email) – and vice versa.

Real-Time Mobile App Analytics

Real-Time Mobile App Development Mobile marketing occurs in real-time, and mobile marketers need access to their performance data, in real-time. Pentoz technology provides the latest real-time data each time the page loads. But there are times where marketers want access to live data in real-time – without needing to refresh the page.