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Telecommunications Equipment

Tech Mahindra signs MoU with Rakuten Aquafadas

Tech Mahindra and Rakuten Aquafadas, a France-based leader in digital content commercial enterprise and skill, have signed a memo of Understanding (MoU) to collaborate on building increased client expertise Offerings investment latest innovations to power Enterprises of the longer term.

This collaboration can drive innovation to bring the transformation of content readying technologies across multiple screens and enhance the client expertise for users around the world. Rakuten Aquafadas and school Mahindra aim to create a World category client expertise giving investment the distinctive suite of software package that Rakuten Aquafadas provides for digital commercial enterprise, unleashing the potential of recent content consumption era driven by latest innovation and accelerated by Rakuten technology, content, services, and data.

Tech Mahindra may be a leading supplier of solutions and services to the telecommunications trade with a majority stake in hand by Mahindra & Mahindra. the corporate, since 2002 has operations in China with offices in Peiping, Shanghai, Nanjing, and Canton.