Kotlin 1.6.20 arrives with better Java class interop

Kotlin 1.6.20 came with better Java class interoperability JetBrains has released Kotlin 1.6.20, a new release of Kotlin that has better interoperability with generic Java classes as well as faster build times. Some features mentioned in the release are still in preview form. Improved interoperability of generic Java classes and interfaces is achieved by including non-nullable types, a feature that is currently in beta. Kotlin 1.6.20 allows developers to mark a generic type parameter as definitely non-null using the new T & Any syntax. To reduce build times, the experimental IR back-end JVM mode compiles all files in a module in parallel. This can reduce compilation time by up to 15%. However, parallel compilation has limitations. More JVM heap is needed and this feature doesn’t work in capt. Also in Kotlin 1.6.20, Kotlin / JS (JavaScript) development with the IR compiler is more efficient thanks to the new incremental compilation mode. Kotlin 1.6.20 was released on April 3rd. Installation instructions can be found on the Kotlin website. Additional options in Kotlin 1.6.20 include the following: Kotlin/Native performance has been improved with updates and bug fixes in Kotlin’s LLVM IR. Hierarchical structure support for cross-platform projects is enabled by default. Introduced in Kotlin 1.4.0 in August 2020, this capability improves code sharing within a project. The prototype for context receivers for Kotlin/JVM provides new support for defining context-dependent declarations.