Instagram now lets you buy from small businesses directly from DM: here’s how it works
Currently, users can only chat with businesses and must make a purchase using a link provided by the business owner.
Meta-owned photo-sharing platform Instagram has a new feature that allows users to buy items from instant messages. A new payment feature lets users buy from small businesses via instant messaging, Meta announced Monday.

According to a blog post shared by the company, users no longer need to leave the app or even chat, to shop on Instagram. For now, users should leave the post, message the company asking for a product to purchase, and then follow the link they provided to make the purchase. With the new feature, users can chat directly about customizations and place an order directly from there.
This comes after Instagram announced new features aimed at creators. The features came as part of Instagram’s efforts to make Instagram “the best online space for creators to live.” The company introduces Subscriber Chats, Subscriber Roles, Subscriber Messages, and Subscriber House. In this tab, users can filter messages that only they can use.
Instagram also suffered last week. Almost 24,000 Instagram users were affected by the loss of watches on Friday. Outage tracker Downdetector reported a peak in outage reports between 1 am and 3 am in India on Friday. This comes days after the microblogging platform Twitter experienced a nearly three-hour outage that affected 50,000 users.