IKEA announces Matter-ready smart home hub

IKEA announces mass-ready smart home hub
Many IoT standards have come and gone over the years. Most of these standards promise interoperability to remove barriers, but consumers are still left with multiple centers to support their various products.

The subject promises to change that. The free standard has been launched and implemented by Amazon, Apple, Google, Comcast and the Zigbee Alliance. With such support, it starts better than its predecessors. Support from IKEA will position the Matter smart home ecosystem for consumers who might not otherwise find such products.

IKEA’s new smart center is called DIRIGERA and follows the Swedish brand’s current TRÅDFRI gate. DIRIGERA will also launch alongside the “more user-friendly” IKEA Home app.

“With DIRIGERA and the new app, one of our goals is to strengthen and simplify the integration process when connecting to new smart home products. We’re also adding personalization options like creating different scenes with preset smart product features for all your different activities and moments at home,” says Rebecca Töreman, sales manager of IKEA in Sweden. “Thanks to the user feedback we’ve received since the launch of the TRÅDFRI door in 2014, we can continue to combine technology with simplicity and accessibility and bring our expertise to the home furnishings of the future,” continued Töreman.

The pandemic has made people realize the importance of making the home comfortable and making life easier.

“In the last two years, we have seen a growing interest in the home, especially the smart home. Digital solutions and technology have become a natural part of our daily lives and now also in our homes,” said Björn Block, Business Area Manager at IKEA in Sweden.

“The smart home is the evolution of the home you love and live in. A wide range of smart products from IKEA is in the areas of sound, light, air purification, blinds, and more in the future.

All existing products purchased for an existing TRÅDFRI gateway can be connected to DIRIGERA. Those not ready to upgrade can still use the current gateway and app and continue to receive security updates for at least three years.