Huawei Confirms Next Step of 5G Rollout Across Beijing Rural Areas
China Unicom and Huawei have collaborated on the rollout of 5G AAUs at 1,000 rural sites on Beijing’s outskirts
Huawei has partnered with communications group China Unicom Beijing to create the world’s largest commercial MetaAAU network; the latest iteration of Huawei’s 5G antenna array (AA) service that boosts connectivity while reducing energy consumption.

MetaAAUs is the third generation of Huawei’s 5G AAU (active antenna units), capable of double the scale of arrays compared to previous iterations and promising high-speed and stable 5G connection. Using these units, Unicom Beijing has achieved its 2022 5G construction targets for small towns and rural areas, bringing connectivity solutions to these typically unconnected pockets.

The collaboration has seen the deployment of MetaAAUs at more than 1,000 rural network sites on the outskirts of Beijing, with a resulting 38% increase in traffic per site and an energy consumption reduction of 5% per site.

The project also marks a step forward in Huawei and China Unicom’s “5G Capital” innovation project, an initiative to support and accelerate network connection across rural areas in China, bridge the current urban-rural digital infrastructure divide, and turn Beijing into a “global 5G benchmark.”

With 5G networks becoming increasingly available outside of urban areas, the construction of “digital villages” has become an increasingly appealing solution to rural network discrepancies. The growing industries of smart agriculture, distance learning, and telemedicine also provide the need for high-speed connectivity and a smaller carbon footprint.

“Since the start of the project in April [2020], we have worked with China Unicom Beijing to pilot and commercially launch 10 solutions, including MetaAAU, embedded network, and super uplink,” he said. Ritchie Peng, president of Huawei’s 5G product line. “… China Unicom Beijing’s networks have been used in several experimental tours this year, demonstrating the strong capabilities of 5G in many playgrounds, highways, mountains, and rural areas.”