Huawei and Nordic Semiconductor enter into licensing deal

Huawei Technologies has entered into a patent license agreement with Nordic Semiconductor, headquartered in Trondheim, Norway.

Huawei and Nordic Semiconductor have entered into a license agreement
Huawei Technologies has entered into a patent license agreement with Nordic Semiconductor, based in Trondheim, Norway.
The agreement is said to provide a fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory (FRAND) royalty-free share-level license to Huawei’s low-power Mobile Internet of Things (SEP) standard core patents (LPWA) in the Nordic countries and with its customers.

Huawei and Nordic were able to close the deal in a short period of time through what Huawei described as a “transparent and friendly discussion”.

With this agreement, Nordic can bring its mobile IoT customers comprehensive legal protection and a practical and legitimate way to access and implement Huawei’s valuable standardized mobile IoT technology. This agreement is intended to bring greater commercial and legal certainty to the IoT industry. Head of European IPR at Huawei, Zhang Xiaowu, said: “Huawei has a leading portfolio of LPWA SEPs for LTE-M and NB-IoT, a subset of the 4G standard, which creates significant value for IoT.

“Huawei is pleased to have reached this Nordic license agreement, which enables and supports the large-scale deployment of this low-power cellular IoT technology in various industries and further supports digital transformation or companies around the world.”

Marianne Frydenlund, SVP Legal & Compliance at Nordic Semiconductor, said: “Cellular IoT licensing is a new industry practice that requires a flexible solution.

“This agreement with Huawei is a significant step towards harmonizing the mobile IoT industry with the FRAND SEP licensing practices used by the global semiconductor industry.

“Both parties approached the negotiations in a sensible and practical manner, recognizing that simplification will help support market growth for the benefit of all parties involved: Huawei, the Nordic countries, and especially mobile IoT customers in the Nordic countries.”