Getty Images Ohio to Use IoT Tech for Fleet Management Ohio has chosen connected vehicle platform Geotab as its telematics provider as the state looks to improve its fleet management capabilities. The contract allows state and local government agencies to operate a fleet of vehicles with Geotab’s connected IoT technology, which can track a wide range of vehicle data, including location, maintenance, driver performance and gasoline consumption. The data provided allows the state to improve vehicle use, maintenance, winter operations, safety and fuel economy, among other things, the company said. “Being selected as the only telematics provider in the state of Ohio adds to Geotab’s growing and strong contract portfolio and strengthens our position as a telematics supplier to government agencies across North America,” said Neil Garrett, Associate Vice President of Business Development, Govt. . from Geotab. “We are confident that the breadth of Geotab’s solutions will help the State of Ohio achieve its current and future fleet optimization goals.” The backbone of the Geotab platform is the GO9, a GPS tracking device that plugs into the vehicle’s on-board diagnostic (OBD-II) connection. The device provides near-real-time vehicle information and includes a gyroscope-enhanced accelerometer that can provide accident detection and investigation, and an on-board WIFI hotspot. Ohio agencies have access to Geotab fleet management solutions such as Keyless, a digital key program that allows multiple drivers to share keyless vehicles, and Electric Vehicle Suitability Assessment, which analyzes vehicle data to determine which parts of the fleet are suitable for EV replacement. . The Ohio contract is comparable to Geotab’s agreements with Source well, a membership-based municipal contracting agency that offers cooperative contract pricing, and NASPO Value Point, a nonprofit, cooperative purchasing program, because it eases the burden of lengthy requests for proposals — reducing proposal cycles, the company said. “Among other things, the contract with the State of Ohio underscores our long-standing commitment to finding ways for government agencies to leverage leading telematics solutions and ultimately improve public services for the local residents of this constituency,” said Jean Pilon-Big Nell, Geotab’s Vice President of Public Sector . . “Telematics has proven itself as a valuable fleet management technology over the years, and by streamlining the telematics procurement process, Geotab allows government customers to benefit from the best kind of analytics.”