Facebook – MLB Offer: Discover Exclusively Here Signed by Facebook Inc. deal with Major League Baseball or MLB to acquire exclusive rights to stream 25 games on the US social network. This is the first time that a major American league has agreed to show regular games on Facebook. Speaking of the deal, the league said MLB owners unanimously approved the decision. Although there is no disclosure of the financial terms as both the parties i.e. Facebook and MLB refused to comment on the same. Well, people familiar with the deal and the case put the price at $30 million to $35 million. However, the actual prices were not disclosed as the terms were listed privately. “Just like when sports migrate from broadcast to cable, you hit these milestones where the combination of financial incentives and audience allows you to make the next big leap,” said Lee Birke, an industry consultant. MLB streaming on Facebook expands the sports offering for the giant. Those unaware of Facebook’s recent interest in streaming such games should know that last year the company signed a deal with Fox Sports to stream the UEFA Champions League. Facebook also confirmed a deal with Univision to broadcast live matches in Mexico’s top soccer league. Previously, the company also secured exclusive streaming deals for 47 college basketball games. Facebook’s interest in streaming these games clearly shows its interest in getting potential prospects to log into the channel at noon to watch the game. This could mean that Facebook is entering a new business to make a name for itself in another popular category. These games attract a large number of viewers around the world and Facebook’s interest in broadcasting in the same way that it wants to add many viewers to its already improved platform. With more than 1.4 billion active daily users, Facebook is the largest social network and growing every day. The Facebook network not only gained ground in terms of active users, but also in conventional TV networks, which lost viewers with larger numbers. Earlier this year, Facebook decided not to bid on the National Football League’s Thursday night package, which Amazon carried last season. Any scenario that it stays the same is very favorable for Facebook to engage users.