Ethereum core developer encourages ‘The Merge’ testing

Ethereum core developers support testing “The Merge”.
Ethereum core developer Tim Beiko took to Twitter to encourage developers and users to help test “The Merge” ahead of the expected event.

The merger occurs when Ethereum’s proof-of-stake testnet merges with the platform’s mainnet — a very complex effort that has been a long time in the making. This is expected to happen in August without delay.

Ethereum has $70.55 billion “locked up” in its thriving decentralized financial ecosystem. Needless to say, The Merge has the potential to go disastrously wrong without thorough testing. Beiko noted that clients and protocol testing teams “mostly focus on protocol changes that do not cause problems between clients or disrupt existing applications.” It’s really up to developers and users to do application-level testing.

The developer emphasized that “99% of [The Merge’s] changes affect the protocol” and that “there are a lot of them”. However, when it comes to smart contracts, there are two changes to be aware of:
Two tenets – Kintsugi and Kiln – were deployed to catch the issues. Beiko says that many different types of projects have been asked to do a full rollout with these tenets and report any issues to the Ethereum developers.

Ropsten is the first testnet that actually gives the community a chance to go through integration. If all goes well, the plan is to split Goerli and Sepolia.

Beiko promises that if there are issues at any point, the Ethereum developers will take the time to fix them before moving on. Given what’s at stake here, it’s worth the extra time to make sure everything is solid.