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Conceptualization And Design

Conceptualization in Software Development

Software conceptualization provides the basis for your project. All applications evolve from ideas in the minds of designers and programmers to become a reality as we go through the design process, adhering to project milestones and conducting our quality

assurance tests all along the way. To get the best understanding of your software project’s needs, the team at OpenXcell will enter into the research phase. This allows us to gather the details that will guide the project design and development as we address your goals and specifications.

Conceptualization Techniques of Design

Conceptualization Techniques of Design Architectural Concepts Traditionally architectural concepts have been the designer’s way of responding to the design situation presented in the program. They have been the means for translating the non-physical problem statement into the physical building product. Every project has within it what might be described as prime organizers, central themes, critical issues, or problem essences. Some general categories under which the concerns and issues of a building may be listed and addressed in design are:

  • Functional zoning
  • Architectural space
  • Circulation and building form
  • Response to Context
  • Building Envelope

The best software web design

  • Wix – easy to use an editor with great support, beautiful templates and innovative features and apps, free plans available or from $4.50/mo
  • Squarespace – a design-oriented website builder, with templates that look good on all devices, from $12/mo
  • Weebly – Weebly – very user-friendly editor with pre-designed page layouts to help you get started, free plans available or from $8/mo

Conceptualizing Product Service Networks

Product-Service Systems (PSS) are typically developed in heterogeneous networks of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and departments in larger organizations with some kind of end-user involvement. It can be said that these networks do not function as well as they should; in part because companies need to reshape their organizations to effectively deal with the demands of these networks and processes. The current article elaborates upon the diversity in these networks using a human-centered design approach. Based on various exploratory workshops reviewing and analyzing existing cases the first framework for conceptualization and implementation of PSS has been constructed.

Conceptualization for Planning and evaluation

Conceptualization is a central task in planning and evaluation. There is a need to develop conceptualization methods which can help multiple constituency groups collaborate on the development of conceptual frameworks which can guide the planning and evaluation effort. Conceptualization Techniques of UX design A general model for conceptualization methods is presented along with considerations for implementation. This model is illustrated in two planning and evaluation studies which involved a broad range of constituent groups within the organizations in the development of “concept maps” which could guide subsequent work. Some general implications of conceptualization methods for planning and evaluation are discussed.