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Cloud Maintenance & Support Services

Full Cloud Maintenance & Support Services

  • Set up monitoring: CloudWatch is a monitoring service from AWS. Azure and GCE also provide their respective monitoring tools. Our first job is to set this up.
  • Set up performance parameters: Once the app has run for a few weeks, we can ascertain the key performance parameters. This gives the intensity of usage for various services such as instances, Databases, Autoscaling, threshold, etc.
  • Daily Monitoring: Daily monitoring is essential for your business deployed on the cloud. When you have a lot of services put into your architecture, it requires a human eye to regularly monitor the activity.

Full Cloud Maintenance & Support Services

  • It is important for the business to manage and maintain desktops, network infrastructure and servers and companies can’t afford to run the risk of system failures that would affect productivity and cost companies money.
  • An organization’s hardware and mission-critical applications are as good as their availability. Pentoz creates maintenance and support services to meet our clients’ needs, and we provide guaranteed services.
  • We resolve system performance issues on a real-time basis. First, we analyze the way your network and systems run, then assign our experts to manage it through a single point of contact. Regular service calls and remote monitoring are essentials to our approach. We offer a wide selection of maintenance and service packages that provide our customers with benefits, flexibility, and choice because we recognize the importance of business continuity and the need for a range of options to ensure it.

Cloud Maintenance and Support

The cloud really is worth the hype. The cloud continues to generate a lot of buzz because it provides real advantages to companies of every size. However, the term is used so frequently, it can be confusing. The cloud supports shared resources—including power, software, data, and storage. Many organizations wonder what, how, and when is the best time to begin utilizing the cloud.

Cloud Applications Support

Pentoz Managed Services cloud application support, our IT teams can streamline and optimize the operations of critical IT projects. Due to the rise in the use of cloud-based applications, we offer you complete cloud application support. We understand the complexities involved in managing different cloud applications, so, our IT teams make sure to offer you seamless support for an efficient and secure platform.

Cloud Property Management

Benefits of Cloud Property Management Software

  • Reduced costs
  • Greater accessibility
  • Easier collaboration
  • Increased security
  • Simple backup and recovery
  • Scalability