Project summary:
  • Using PHP and MySQL, Pentoz Technology created a website portal to enable users to search and post translation and transcription jobs. They produced the design and developed the front- and backend.
Introduce your business and what you do there.
  • I’m the director at TranslatorFinder. We provide transcription and translation services.
What challenge were you trying to address with Pentoz Technology?
  • We needed help with software development.
What was the scope of their involvement?
  • They created our website portal to enable us to create translations and transcriptions for our clients worldwide. Users can navigate to their profile and post or bid for jobs.
  • Based on our requirements, they started with design. Then, they developed in PHP and MySQL. The idea was to develop a frontend and have transactions communicated on the backend. It was a two-step process.
What is the team composition?
  • I worked mainly with Premayogan (CEO, Pentoz Technology).
How did you come to work with Pentoz Technology?
  • A friend of a friend worked with them on a similar project.
What is the status of this engagement?
  • We worked together from February–July 2014. It took over three months plus one month for testing.
What evidence can you share that demonstrates the impact of the engagement?
  • We moved from the second set of Google results to the first page of the queries for translations. The number of users who abandoned the site lessened from 48% to 12%. The number of transactions per week initially doubled, and toward the end of the year, it tripled. It’s been a very positive experience.
How did Pentoz Technology perform from a project management standpoint?
  • It’s been excellent. There were challenges with understanding, but there was never a lack of intent of wanting to clear up any miscommunications. The timelines were met, and, a couple of times, they communicated to us ahead of time about delays. We used phone, email, and Google Hangouts. I went to India for an in-person meeting about the upgrades to the portal.
What did you find most impressive about them?
  • They have timely deliverables. Communication was positive. They had the skill set that was required. They understood the business concept really quickly.
Are there any areas they could improve?
  • They could suggest proactive ways to improve our project.
Do you have any advice for potential customers?
  • Overcommunicate. You also need to be flexible in your availability because they’re across the world. You might need to be available more early in the morning or late in the evenings. Understand there could be unexpected delays because of the software and factor that in.
Feedback summary:
  • The portal attracts users’ attention and keeps it; statistics show a decrease in users leaving the site and an increase in transactions. Pentoz Technology quickly understood the project and used their strong technical expertise to deliver a high-quality product accompanied by good communications.

"I’d definitely recommend them strongly."

JUN 4, 2018

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