The Commercial Drone…Flying into the future

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All of us have at some point experienced the exuberance of flying a remote controlled plane/ helicopter and have marveled at the maneuverability and the sense of control over the gadget. Also we have heard such controlled machines commonly known as drones, used for surveillance, gathering data for predicting weather patterns and such. Today these unassuming machines are being used for a wide range of social and commercial applications and each day the technology is redefining the drone’s capabilities.

Since Amazon’s much talked about delivery by drone in 2016, we have often envisioned the future sky swarming with drones delivering everything from pizzas to groceries. Till the time we take our traffic woes into the skies the drones will rule, from saving time to reducing costs these machines are touted to be improving business all over the world. We have previously looked at the social applications and how drones are contributing to conserving the environment to saving lives and more. The drone has comprehensively proved that it is more than just a delivery toy and with the addition of powerful cameras to them these machines are everywhere, and some of the applications listed below are evidence to it,

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This application of the drones have taken the coverage of sports events to amazing heights, covering matches, marathons, rallies and more, the aerial views, zoom ins, zoom outs and a 360 degree view of the landscape around the event is now common place.

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This application is now been extended to a multitude of events from music concerts to political campaigns and it is growing. It has become fashionable now to photograph and cover grand outdoor weddings and private gatherings using drones.

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Large constructions sites regularly use drones to photograph and video the sites progress from various vantage points and the data generated is used in design adjustments, future projects, marketing and setting timelines. Real estate businesses are using drones to capture and document their projects from a variety of angles which makes the property attractive and easy to market.

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Drones are increasingly being used in agriculture to assess the growth and health of the crops. Larger drones are used to spray insecticides, fertilizers and more, this has reduced the costs and time involved in carrying out such operations. Aerial surveying of large farmland have resulted in more accurate mapping of property and significant saving of time in doing it.

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Drones are the technology to go to in covering conflicts, combats, disasters, accidents where the risk to life is high or access is limited. Drones are also used by the media to cover political campaigns, events, public rallies and other such events. Slogans and banner advertising are becoming increasingly popular at events.

Drones are also known to be used by insurance companies to assess damage in areas which are difficult to access. Drone operators and drone consultants are now in demand due to the increase in its applications. These are just a few known applications and the potential is seemingly unlimited and with necessary approvals and compliances from governments the drone might just become the technology of the future.

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