How Mobile Apps have changed the Lifestyle of People

Let’s admit it!
Apps have become a way of life. And if you are really keen on
making positive changes in your lifestyle, nothing can beat apps.
Apps allow you to track anything and everything these days, be it
increasing your happiness quotient, organizing tasks, optimizing
workout, and so much more.
The impressive part? Lifestyle apps are available in spades at the app
stores, which gives you all the more reason to try them out without
much ado. The not so impressive part? You will have to analyze a
whole lot of apps before you could nail the best ones that suit your
Okay! Here I have done some heavy lifting for you by listing a couple
of popular apps in different lifestyle categories. Given that these apps
are already famous and grabbing eyeballs, you can try using them
without much forethought.
So, let’s start with happiness apps first, given that happiness seems to
be the most elusive thing these days. Then we will move on to habit
apps, health and fitness apps, productivity apps, reading apps, study
apps, and so on.

# Happiness Apps
I know what you are thinking?
“Are their happiness apps as well? Oh! Lovely”
Yes, there are good numbers of happiness apps out there. If not in
thousands, you will find them in hundreds. The idea behind

engineering happiness apps is to help people track their moods so that
they know how they are spending most of their days: being happy or
being sad.
The good part: The app offers insights into how what and when of
your happiness. People could use this knowledge to conjure more
things that add to your happiness quotient.
For the uninitiated, try out some popular Happiness Apps such as
Track Your Happiness, Happify, Headspace (it’s a meditation app),
Stigma, and Super Better.
Check out some of the best happiness apps out here.  Also, you can
check out Pentoz technology page on GoodFirms for developing
Happiness Apps.

# Habit Apps
Agreed, there are hundreds of amazing habit-forming books out there
that’ll help you transform your habits. They why add habit apps and
add more complications to your life?
Trust me when I say that habit apps will only aid you in your habit
transformation or formation process? These special apps have being
engineered to track your habits, which, in turn, could help you break-
free from harmful ones.
Look out for one app that’s in keeping with your needs and
A few habits tracking apps to get you started include Momentum
Habit Tracker, Habitica, Productive Habit Tracker, Streaks, MindSet,
Habitlist, and Habitshare.
Check out some of the best habit-tracking apps here.

# Sports and Health Apps
It goes without saying: People all around the world are championing
the cause of a healthy lifestyle these days. Not surprisingly, even the
application world has decided to join the cause. Today, you will find
relevant mobile apps for training programs, food diary, diet diaries,
and exercise diaries, and so on.
An app like Pacer can help you track your blood pressure, BMI,
physical activity, and so much more. The app like MyFitnessPal
allows you to select meals and check out the calorie count, fat, carbs,
protein, fiber, cholesterol, and more.
MapMyRun has been designed for running enthusiasts. The app maps
out the routes you take, keep a tab of the distance traveled, calories
burnt, food-logging feature, and more importantly, it’s synced with
more than 400 devices.
What’s more, the healthcare app category is extraordinarily broad. In
addition to the apps mentioned above, there are apps such as Patient
Engagement apps, Telemedicine apps, Medication apps, mental health
apps, rehabilitation apps, wellness apps, condition-based apps, among
many others.
Check out some of the best health and fitness apps here.

# Messaging Apps
With the increase in the use of smartphones, messaging has become
an indispensable, inadvertent part of our lives these days. We slide
into WhatsApp and Instagram DMs without any rhyme or reason. So,
thanks to various mobile apps and messengers, users can easily send
free messages and images anywhere and anytime.

Some of the best messaging apps that you could use include Facebook
Messenger, Viber, Slack, Telegram, Signal, and more. In addition to
text messaging, nearly all messaging apps are capable of sending
voice and video messaging, in addition to the file-sharing feature.
Check out some of the best messaging apps here.

# Travel Apps
Traveling involves a lot of pre-planning and scheduling. This is where
travel apps come into the picture. Today, there are travel apps that let
you buy tickets, book accommodations, find restaurants with a click
of a mouse.
An app called the Get The Flight Out helps you to make last-minute
flight bookings by weighing different flight options under one roof.
Additional travel apps you could check out include Tripit that allows
you to organize your travel itineraries, documents before you reach
your desired destination. You can even try out Google Trips. This app
offers customized tours, maps, guides, shows restaurants near your
hotel, and more. Also, check out PackPoint. This app lets you know
what to carry based on the weather at the desired location, laundry
facilities, and more.
Checkout the list of top travel apps here.

# Productivity Apps
It’s not always easy to hit your targets continuously. Even when you
are aware of the fact that you need to be on your toes always, to
complete those crucial tasks, there are times when you will flounder.
Enter productivity apps. Sure, there are hundreds of productivity apps
available at the app store, which makes it challenging to identify the

one that truly fits in within your lifestyle? Okay, opt for the one that
helps you to focus better, cut distractions, organize your affairs, and,
more importantly, help you complete the to-do list of the day.
For dealing with distractions, try Forest. For building positive habits,
check out Done. For list-making, use To-DO. For automating tasks,
leverage IFTTT. For writing, use Bear.
Check out a few best productivity apps here.

# Time Management Apps
Life is nothing but time-management. Though more valuable than
money, humans tend to spend their valuable time away on some of the
most unproductive activities of this era such as social media
browsing, binge watching Netflix and things like that.
Not surprisingly, the app store is flooded with all sorts of time-
management apps to keep you in track and save time on different
things. For instance, there are apps for scheduling, managing projects,
bettering focus among many other things. Remember: With more
quality time on your hands, you could focus your attention on the
most important things in your life like spending quality time with
your kids and spouse. Some of the best bets in terms of time-
management include Clockify, for clocking work hours; RescueTime
for automatic productivity tracking; Clara for scheduling meetings;
Focus Booster for motivation boost; Focus@will for increasing
attention span, and so on.
Check out some of the best time management apps here.

# Reading Apps

If you are a frequent reader or an avid reader, then you must be
keeping reading apps handy. Because you never know when you will
need them, probably when standing in a queue, or while commuting
in public transport, among many other places.

Try apps like Pocket to read articles offline. Whenever you come
across an article online and don’t have the time to read, you can
transfer these articles to this app to be read later. The most significant
advantage of this app is that it doesn’t require an internet connection.
This app is super handy when you are in flight.
Additionally, you could try out Amazon Kindle, Aldiko Book Reader,
Cool Reader, and more.
Reading apps for operating systems such as iOS and Android allow
you to carry your library wherever you go.
Check out some of the best  ebooks reader apps here .

# Study Apps
There’s no denying the fact that school going and college students
have been hooked to study apps like never before. Today, you can
find apps with electronic diaries, formulas, manuals, schedule
reminders, and so on.
Students can download apps like Udemy that offer somewhere around
65,000 courses. Just name it, and you will find it there. From
photoshop, speaking skills to tips on cooking cheaper meals, you will
find a cocktail of courses alongside their reviews here.
What’s more there are Maths Alarm Clock for students that won’t
allow them to sleep unless he or she has solved a problem or Alarmy
that ensures that you click a picture or two before you could switch
off the alarm.

Check out some of the favorite apps for university students here.

# Weather Apps
There may be a thousand weather apps out there. In fact, iPhone
offers a default weather app as well.
Despite the deluge of weather apps out there, you need to check out
Yahoo! Weather. Why, if you ask? For one, it’s designed beautifully.
Another thing being it’s easy to use. Plus, it offers additional
information as opposed to the regular app.
Other popular weather apps that you could check out include
1Weather, Awesome Weather, Dark Sky, and Google Feed.
You could check out some popular weather apps here.

Wrapping up
People have become so used to apps that it seems almost impossible
to lead healthy lives without them. There’s an app for anything and
everything these days. And these apps can be used from anywhere
and at any time.
How many lifestyle apps have you tried so far? And what was your
experience of the same?