ENTREPRENEURSHIP, In the Mobile App Industry…

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Mobile app development has almost become a religion and core to the digital ecosystem. By 2021, consumers in the Americas are projected to download 74.7 billion mobile apps to their mobile devices — and 352.9 billion globally.

Businesses are increasingly using mobile apps to reach business goals, like market share expansion, enhanced customer engagement and more. With the increasing demand for Mobile apps not only to have superior performance, effective user interface and engaging experience, developers also need to identify and address new challenges like reduced attention span and retention.


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If you are planning to enter the entrepreneurial world by starting an app development business, do so with a firm understanding of how the business works. So if you have the drive and the ideas to go with it take the plunge. Begin by describing your idea down as clearly as possible and once you’re clear get down to designing and developing it or look at partnering with people who can do it for you.

In your quest to develop apps do not stick to just a single app idea. Strive to build multiple apps; most successful entrepreneurs have built their business through multiple ideas. So don’t limit yourself and don’t wait to create a perfectly complete app, get to the market as fast as possible with a trial product.

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Here are some pointers…

  1. When creating your product, keep the costs low, work within your resources or go to someone who can understand your idea and deliver the best possible outcomes. Have a clear monetization strategy right from the beginning. Putting your creation out into the market for free might not always be in the best interests of your business.
  2. You need to aggressively market your app to get noticed, even though tools like app-store optimization exist and can help you get visibility, it is not enough to get movement for your app to make it a sustainable. Endorsements, reviews from experts, media exposure and word of mouth should be the preferred avenues to market your application.
  3. Fail Fast Forward – Move onto the next app idea if the existing one does not get you the results you want. Creating an app is great but if you plan on making it a full-time activity, get business wise and set up the necessary infrastructure to make it count.
  4. Think global, mobile apps are not restricted to regional reaches; your market could be anywhere and everywhere. Outsource all tasks that aren’t in your core competency.
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“My powers are ordinary. Only my application brings me success.”

Isaac Newton

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