Compassionate Leaders

Philanthropic Behavior of the Leaders

There is continually space for our Leaders to point out their Human aspect

In August 2017, technical school demi-god enterpriser gave away sixty-four million Microsoft shares to charitable causes – the most important donation by one person in history. Sure, he will afford it, however, he didn’t have to bed. As our world’s leaders come back underneath scrutiny for the nice, dangerous and ugly incidents across the world, Gates’ donation is a reminder that those within the positions of most power ought to heed – there’s forever space in our lives to think about those around the United States.

Generosity from leaders will have a positive result on those around them, fueling a lot of giving and acts of kindness from others. Not solely will this behavior have a positive impact on society, however, creates a wave of interest that is positive for business, because it will attract a lot of shoppers or customers.

A leader’s example sets the tone for his or her company’s culture and heart. Their positive example drips through into their brand’s temperament, which then, in turn, evokes feeling and authentic reference to shoppers and customers, encouraging loyalty and making a competitive advantage over competitors.

A few leaders well known for their philanthropic behavior include:

Bill Gates

Bill Gates

Bill Gates is the world’s richest man worth $85.7 billion who is well known for his philanthropic behavior.

Gates is frequently involved in charitable giving having founded the Gates foundation which aims to enhance healthcare and reduce poverty and his recent donation of 64 million Microsoft shares is the biggest charitable gift made anywhere in the world so far this year.

Richard Branson

Richard Branson

Richard Branson the founder of Virgin is worth $5.4 billion and is no stranger to philanthropy.

Having founded Virgin Unite and supporting a number of different charities and causes, Richard Branson has also pledged to give away half his fortune to charity.

Li Ka-Shing

Li Ka-Shing

The global investor in disruptive technology Li Ka-Shing was previously the richest man in Asia and has a net worth of $24.4 billion.

Having made personal donations to the China Foundation for Disabled Persons and flood-victim relief in China, Li Ka-Shing is the founder of the Li Ka-Shing Foundation to support education, healthcare, and community-related causes.

Through earning respect within their community, leaders are able to brand their company as a positive force, increasing motivation and morale for employees, and increasing employee engagement, all of which are important factors in defining success. By considering the needs of those around them and by putting others first, leaders can set themselves apart.