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As businesses become increasingly complex and “Change being the only constant” the need for a catalyst to take on and manage this complexity was hugely felt and this search led to the transformative Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial intelligence is consistently attracting attention of the business establishments, the technology companies and the media alike. Billions of dollars are being pumped into developing newer approaches using AI, and start-ups and established firms are increasingly dedicating a good portion of their resources to quench their technological thirst.

Speech Recognition:
Automatic speech recognition is the transcription and transformation of an acoustic speech signal to text or formats that are useful for computer applications. This technology is currently reliant on a wide range of conventional and behavioural sciences like linguistics, statistics, acoustics, psychology and other related fields. OpenText, Verint Systems and others are some of the players in this technology.

Machine Learning Platforms:
Machine learning is often related to computational statistics, which is using computers to make predictive analysis. Data, APIs, algorithms, connectivity and computing power determine the ML applications.
Amazon, Google, Microsoft are some of the leaders in ML technology development.

Natural Language Processing: Natural language processing (NLP) uses computational technology, AI, linguistics and analytics to process interactions between humans (Using Natural Language) and computers. Areas which benefit from NLP are customer engagement processes, analytical processes and generation of business intelligence.

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Virtual Assistants:
The Siris and Alexas are currently revolutionizing the way we communication with our personal technology, the “Virtual Assistants” as they are called range from simple chatbots to highly developed systems that can associate and engage with humans. Typical areas of use include customer service and support and the likes.
Amazon, Apple, Google, IBM, Microsoft are currently ruling the roost.

We know of biometric technology through “Finger print recognition” and “Retina Recognition” applications but biometrics do more than that, which include but are not limited to image and touch recognition, speech recognition, and movement.
Prime players in developing this technology are Tahzoo, Agnitio, Synqera among others.

Widely used in manufacturing, healthcare, research and development, Robotics is automated human actions which result in precision and standardized outcomes.
Automation Anywhere, UiPath are prime players in this technology.

Decision Management, Deep Learning Platforms among others round up the AI story.

With recognizable advantages and proven applications, Artificial Intelligence is set to transform our future.

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