3 Steps To Building A Massive Network Marketing Team

Want to build a massive network marketing team?

Here I share exactly what it takes to build a massive team and make a ton of residual income.

3 Steps To Building A Massive Network Marketing Team

How do you grow a massive team?

So the obvious would be gotta take massive action, right? Not exactly. See there are some things that aren’t so obvious in building and keeping a massive team. Here I share exactly what they are.

What is A Massive Team?

I would consider a massive team of over 100,000 people.

We’ve coached 20 to 25 people who’ve built teams of over 100,000.

1. It Can’t Be About You

To build a team of 100,000 it can’t be about you.

You can’t be the mother hen, you can’t be the answer to all questions, and you can’t be the sole trainer that does all training for everybody. You have to have a system.

A system is not “I send a presentation and my followup.” That’s only part of a system.

In your system you have to have:

  • Where do I go to welcome new people
  • What is it that they get plugged into to make ’em feel like they’re part of something bigger than them
  • Where do people go for maybe a training archive
  • How and when do I contact customer support in what situations
  • How do I welcome new people into what kind of arena?

If when you start a teammate, they have to go through eight hours of training before they ever prospect a soul, then you most likely won’t build a massive team.

Because it needs to be where all walks of life can join and then know what to do as quickly as humanly possible, what to do (not what to learn).

2. Don’t Over Train or Over Study

Most people, they will do both, they’ll over train their people and they over study themselves.

They go through 52 courses before they prospect, anybody because that’s much safer and comfier because you’re not getting rejected in the library.

3. Important Tips For Success

Lastly, in order to have a massive team, you have 3 things.

  1. Have a vision of who you want to become
  2. Treat your business like a business
  3. Don’t be addicted to the short term success