Apple to allow more payment options for Dutch dating app developers

Apple gives Dutch dating app developers more payment options
San Francisco: Apple Inc on Friday outlined how developers of dating apps offered in the Netherlands could bypass Apple’s in-app payment systems, a closely watched move by the iPhone maker in the face of global antitrust concerns over its control of the mobile app industry…

Apple has long mandated the use of its in-app payment system, charging commissions of up to 30%, which some developers, such as Tinder owner Match Group Inc, say are too high. Last year, the Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) ruled that Apple’s rules violated Dutch competition laws in the dating app market and demanded that Apple allow developers to use a third-party payment processor.
Investors are watching developments in a Dutch antitrust case for the impact it could have on earnings at Apple’s App Store, the largest part of its $68.4 billion services business.