Analyst claims Apple’s mixed reality headset is delayed

The much-anticipated mixed reality headset from Apple is to be delayed, according to a leading analyst.

Apple’s mixed reality headset has been delayed, analyst admits
Apple’s anticipated mixed reality headset will have to be delayed, according to a leading analyst.
Apple rarely outpaces new technologies, but bides its time, sees the first mistakes of rivals, and then launches a product that is usually more polished. Many believe, rightly or wrongly, that most new technologies aren’t really ready for mainstream adoption until Apple throws its $2.7 trillion weight behind it.

While AR / VR headsets such as those from Oculus have seen considerable success, many are looking forward to the debut of Apple’s own version, which will really jumpstart the industry with legions of fans and developers.

Apple’s mixed reality headset is expected to launch in late 2022. However, analyst Jeff Pu of Haitong International Securities believes the headset has now been delayed until 2023.

The reason for the delay has not been explained, but the ongoing component shortages affecting many new devices (just ask anyone trying to get their hands on a Steam Deck, PS5 or Xbox Series X) is likely playing a role.

What lends credence to this theory is that Pu believes the headset will be delayed in shipping in Q1 2023.

Pu expects Apple to sell around 1-1.5 million headsets in the first year, which isn’t much compared to most of the company’s products. Such a relatively low number of sales also suggests that rumors about the first generation being too expensive and aimed at high-end developers and companies rather than consumers are true. The headset itself differentiates itself from the competition by using Apple’s own impressive silicon. In January, respected analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said that the headset has two CPUs and the expected 96W charging requirements confirm that Apple’s headset “has the same level of computing power as the MacBook Pro”.